The articles are in English.

Methodology of calculating the requirements of adult arctic foxes in metabolic energy and digestible protein
by N.E. Kulikov and K.V. Kharlamov

The breeding of high-yielding rabbit hybrids in Russia
by Kharlamov K.V. and Zhvakina À.R.

Increasing the Productivity of Mink by using L-carntine in their Diet
by Kharlamov K.V., Demina T.M. and Rastimeshina O.V.

Heterogeneous effects of China’s Sloping Land Conversion Program on Farm productivity. By Zhen Liu and Meng Li

The Effect of the New Round of Collective Forest Rights Reform on Farmers’ Afforestation Decision - Take Songyang County in South China as the Example.
By Zhen Liu, Meng Li and Yanhua Shi